Liechti Engineering

From butchery solutions to aerospace engine production

As part of GF Machining Solutions, Liechti Engineering stands as a global leader in the production of airfoil machining solutions for the aerospace industry. However, the company's history reveals its evolution from different industrial beginnings to its current specialized expertise.

Its journey from a family-owned business in a small Swiss village to a pioneer in precision engineering tells a remarkable story of transformation and dedication.

Founded in 1865 in Langnau im Emmental, Switzerland, Liechti Engineering specializes in precision machining of complex free-form airfoil components for the aerospace industry. This includes producing high-quality turbine blades, impellers, and multi-bladed parts such as blisks and integrally bladed rotors (IBRs). But it hasn’t always operated in this industry.

Originally established as a farm equipment manufacturer operating across Switzerland, Liechti’s journey is one of significant evolution. Starting as a forging company that produced water impellers – a product that curiously mirrors the complex airfoil components they manufacture today – they began diversifying into manufacturing cooling compressors during their early years.

By 1900, Liechti shifted its focus primarily to the machining industry. This period saw the production of various conventional tip lathe machines, slide spindle lathes, and other milling machines. The expertise and precision honed in these early decades laid the groundwork for their future in high-precision engineering.

The 1940s and 1950s marked another significant pivot for the company as they ventured into the production of complete butchery solutions, becoming known for their comprehensive range of shop fittings, refrigerated display cases, and various butchery machines, establishing a reputation for quality and reliability in this sector.

However, the mid-1960s brought a transformative change. Liechti sold their entire butcher business and redirected their focus toward the aerospace industry, specifically developing copy milling machines. This strategic shift capitalized on their accumulated precision engineering skills and set the stage for their current specialization in machining solutions for the aerospace sector – a key industry which allows GF Machining Solutions to significantly strengthen its presence in this promising market sector.

Following over a decade of collaboration between GF and Liechti – with GF acting as a supplier – former CEO Ralph Liechti found in GF Machining Solutions “the right partner to be able to offer our customers in the aerospace and energy sectors an even more comprehensive range of products and services in the future," with Liechti becoming a part of GF Machining Solutions in 2014.

Liechti currently employs over 120 workers globally, operates in the US, Europe, and China and contributes significantly to advancements in aerospace technology. Find out more about Liechti Engineering here.

1865 - Foundation and Early Years

  • Liechti Engineering is founded in Langnau im Emmental, Switzerland, specializing in crafting water impellers and high-quality knives for butchers and other trades.

1950s - Diversification into Industrial Tools

  • Leveraging its precision craftsmanship, Liechti expands into producing industrial cutting tools, setting the stage for future technological advancements.

1960s - Entry into Turbine Blade Production

  • Responding to market demands, Liechti begins producing turbine blades, marking its initial foray into the high-precision aerospace sector.

1990s - Adoption of CNC Technology

  • The company adopts advanced CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining technologies, revolutionizing its production capabilities and enabling intricate aerospace component manufacturing.

2000s - Expansion and Global Reach

  • Liechti expands its operations internationally, establishing a presence in the US, Europe, and China, significantly increasing its global footprint.

2014 - Acquisition by GF Machining Solutions

  • Liechti is acquired by GF Machining Solutions, integrating its innovative solutions into a global network and amplifying its reach in the aerospace industry.

Present - Leading in Aerospace Machining

  • Today, Liechti is renowned for its advanced 5-axis milling solutions and high-performance g-Technology, contributing significantly to the aerospace sector with superior airfoil components made from challenging materials like Inconel, Nimonic, Titanium 17, and Titanium and Aluminide.